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So why should you use Quotator...?

Quotator offers journalists online 24/7 access to all the latest press releases, commentary and analysis from business leaders across a large range of sectors.

The Quotator journalist community is able to easily search, read, consider and use thought provoking, intelligent insight from a range of industry experts within seconds. Journalist can also opt in or out of email notifications on any particular subject matter and sectors. This means they can get all the relevant news and views sent to their inbox to use instantly.

And journalist can also request quotes on a range of subject matter.

  • I’m a journalist what’s in it for me?

    Firstly it’s free and more importantly Quotator offers a one-stop shop for up-to-date quotes and press releases plus a range of content from a range of industry experts which can help transform your writing and contact book. We offer the ability to inform you directly each and every time a relevant quote or press release is posted to use at your discretion. 

    Just sign up, log-in and our search engine offers the ability to search, read, consider and download thought provoking, intelligent insight within seconds.

    Having the quotes and press releases that matter at your fingertips allows you to utilise our content to make and break stories instantly.

  • How will I know when new content has been posted on Quotator?

    We hope Quotator becomes your first port of call when you’re looking for news/insight/copy/analysis however you can also agree for us to email you as soon as new quotes and press releases go live.

    Simply click on your preferences on your account page and we’ll ensure you’re fully informed.

    All new quotes will also be immediately posted live on our Twitter feed, @Quotator with the relevant links to take you straight to them.  So, if you don’t already follow us, please do as our Twitter page lists all available and archived quotes.

  • So I can use any quotes or press releases that have been posted?

    Yes, just follow the quick and easy prompts which allow you to copy and paste any relevant content. All we ask is that you obviously do not change any of the content and that you name-check the source of the content.

  • I work as a freelance journalist, can I use Quotator?

    Yes. We welcome all elements of the media whether freelance, online only, periodicals, nationals or trade media. The more the merrier. From time to time we may ask which publication the content will be used for so we can present the link/clippings to our clients.