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So why should you use Quotator...?

Quotator delivers cost-effective, results-based PR coverage. Through our online PR platform clients upload press releases, views, comments and analysis which are made instantly available to the Quotator journalist community. Journalist can opt in or out for immediate email and social media notifications when any relevant content is posted. Remember: No coverage, no charge.

Clients have access to an extensive media calendar to help plan and formulate newsworthy quotes regarding impending announcements, breaking news or general industry commentary. Each client will also receive a media pack with the essential information required to help them receive the best quality media coverage possible.

  • As a business why should I sign up?

    Firstly, it’s free to upload quotes, press releases, comment and analysis. You only pay when your content is used by the relevant media. We offer a result-based service which allows you to control your output and gain media coverage how you want, when you want. We also have a cap of £450 (plus VAT) per individual quote or press release, so even if your quote gets picked up by say The Times, The Guardian, The Sun, The Metro, Sky News, CNN, BBC, Radio Two, The Press Association, Yahoo, The New Yorker and/or even Biscuit World then the maximum you’ll ever pay is £450 per quote or press release despite this coverage being worth thousands of pounds in potential business to you.

  • So what is the fee structure exactly?

    Well let's just emphasise again that;

    No coverage = No charge. If your quote/press release/comment/analysis isn't picked up by the media then you pay absolutely nothing.

    However, each time you upload a quote and it is used by any media outlet then you will be charged as follows:

    • B2B trade media - £80 per quote/press release used
    • Local/regional media (online and/or print) - £80 per quote/press release used
    • National media (online/print/magazine) - £150 per quote/press release used
    • National TV/radio - £200 per quote/press release used
    • *PA/Associated Press/any other newswire - £230 per quote/press release used

    But let's underline again that the maximum a Quotator client will ever pay per individual quote or press release is £450 (plus VAT).

    *The Press Association (PA) and Associated Press (AP) are newswire services. If a quote is published by one of these services it could potentially be picked up by a host of local, regional trade, national and international websites. Hence this is why it costs slightly more than other media outlets.

    Check out the fee stucture page for more information.

  • Will I still get charged if my quote or press release gets picked up in a publication that is not relevant?

    No. If, for example, as a purely London-based estate agent your quote or press release on London house prices randomly gets picked up by the Inverness Courier then we feel this coverage would not be applicable to your target audience, so you would not get charged for this. We will only charge you for coverage that we believe is relevant to your potential target market.

  • When and how do I pay for coverage generated?

    At the end of every month we will generate an invoice highlighting where relevant coverage has been achieved including links where possible. We will then e-mail you the invoice directly with payment details and we require payment within 14 days of the invoice.

  • Do I have to commit to a number of quotes or press releases over a specific period of time?

    No. You can post as little or as much as you want, there are no obligations. You are in control at all times.

  • Do I have to sign anything?

    No. There are no contracts to sign unless you are looking at out Extras section. You do obviously have to agree to our Terms & Conditions which are clearly outlined but that is all we ask.

  • When's the best time to post quotes and press releases?

    We have a media calendar available to all our client members so you can see in advance many of the major impending announcements that will be covered by the press. We also suggest that you keep an eye on any breaking news stories and if you feel you have something to add then post your quote as fast as you can to be in with the best chance of it being picked up in the media.

    For press releases use the media calander to try and avoid any planned major announcements where possible.

    Upon sign up we will also send you a Quotator media pack which contains all the essential information required to help you receive the best quality media coverage possible.

  • Exactly how will it get ‘picked up’ by the media?

    We are constantly building our media database so that you have the best chance of your quote or press release being used.

    When you post your quote or press release journalists who have opted in to particular subject matters will receive real-time updates via email and twitter. They will then follow the link to Quotator and be able to download it and use the relevant content in 3 simple clicks.

    Or if journalists are writing a story on a particular subject they can log in and search for relevent quotes, comments or analysis on the stories they are covering. They will then read the quote and use it if it is insightful, relevant and adds something to the article that they are writing.

    Posting your press release on Quotator provides the greatest opportunity to gain maximum media exposure for all your news, announcements and updates regarding your brand.

  • How do I know that they won’t change the quote or press release?

    The journalist in question will download the quote or press release to use in, or as, their story. They might use it in full or just sentence(s) from it but they should not change any of the wording.

    In terms of quotes, the journalist should always name check the person, job title and company being quoted and it’s this name checking which helps to build media profile and get your business, brand and services out to a wider audience.

  • How do I know if the quote or press release has been used?

    We automatically generate an email to you every time your quote or press release is downloaded by any media outlet. You can then track if this has been used in real-time and share any coverage with existing and potential new clients via social media or through your database. However, we urge you not to contact the media outlet in question to ask if, why and how this might be used as this could hamper any potential coverage.

    We will verify all quotes that have been used and then bill accordingly with all the links being included on the invoice where possible so you know exactly how and where your quote or press release has been used and how much media coverage you have gained.



  • Who should be the company spokesperson?

    Preferably someone at a senior management level such as director, managing director or CEO to add extra gravitas to the quote or press release.

  • Can we have more than one spokesperson?

    Yes. Although we would advise using different spokespeople only for specific areas of the business, for example, head of products (if it is a product related quote) or director of sales (if it is sales specific) and you can add these in your company profile page.

    We do however recommend having as few spokespeople as possible as journalists can then recognise an individual’s name as well as the brand. Just to note that there will remain only one account for each company and the primary account holder will manage the allocation of spokespeople as well as signing off quotes, setting when the quote goes live, etc. See our Terms & Conditions for further details.


  • Is our account secure and are the contact details I submit safe?

    We take security very seriously and let’s also underline that your private details will not be shared with any third parties. For full details on this and more visit our Privacy Policy page.

  • Does it matter that we already use or have previously used a PR agency?

    Absolutely not. This service can be used alongside your existing agency to boost and supplement any ongoing PR activity/strategy. Quotator is about generating short-term media hits to boost brand/personal profile and generate more business enquiries. We don't pretend to be an all-encompassing PR solution.

    We realise there is more to PR than simply gaining coverage in the media but we do believe that Quotator is a great platform for reactive PR via our post a quote option and pro-active PR via our post a press release service. Both of which will generate instant results and provide excellent brand exposure.