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Fee Structure

We offer a transparent result-based service which allows you to control your output and gain media coverage how you want, when you want.

It’s simple.

With Quotator there aren’t any upfront fees to pay. It’s free to register and free to post your press releases/quotes/comments/analysis.

If these are picked up by the media then you pay a small fee.

If they don’t gain coverage then you pay absolutely nothing.

And we guarantee to only charge you for coverage related to your potential target market via the relevant media outlets.

There’s also never any danger of blowing your budget as the maximum a Quotator client will ever pay is £450 (plus VAT) per individual quote or press release uploaded.

So even if your quote or press release gets picked up by The Times, The Guardian, The Sun, Metro, Sky News, CNN, the BBC News website, Radio Two, The Press Association, Yahoo and even the Wall Street Journal, then the maximum you’ll ever pay is £450 (plus VAT) per quote despite this coverage being worth thousands of pounds in potential business to you.

Quotator also runs regular promotions and competitions so make sure you check these out to see if you might be eligible to pay even less or win a fabulous prize.

Below is our fee structure in full for when your company’s uploaded quotes/press releases gain coverage in one or more areas of the media.

But remember – No coverage = no charge.

Local / regional / trade media


per quote used

Local TV / Radio


per quote used

National Media


per quote used

National TV / Radio


per quote used

*PA / Associated Press / any other newswire


per quote used

*The Press Association (PA) and Associated Press (AP) are newswire services. If a quote is published by one of these services it could potentially be picked up by a host of local, regional trade, national and international websites. Hence this is why it costs slightly more than other media outlets.