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  • Date: 25/10/16
  • Author: Scott
  • Category: Starting to use PR

The British economy’s post-Brexit vote bounce is reported to be losing momentum as the weak pound and higher inflation herald a squeeze in living standards.

Although official growth figures are likely to show that the economy will avoid recession in the second half of the year, there are obvious impacts on many businesses of all sizes, especially those operating within financial services.

Brexit was the main reason why we made the decision to offer FREE media coverage until 1 Jan 2017 to all UK-based businesses, and we now urge you to take advantage of this offer before it runs out.

Brand awareness and the generation of new leads are key to survival and growth in these uncertain times. So, if you're an individual or business who has something to offer our journalist community, why not register and take advantage of this offer today. Everything you need is on your company home page and we take you through the process step by step via the media pack.

And if you're a journalist why not register, review the site and its features and begin to use the content that's being posted. It's completely FREE.

We look forward to supporting you and your business.


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