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How to construct a good quote – A checklist
  • Date: 28/07/16
  • Author: Scott
  • Category: Starting to use PR

In Part One of this blog series we focussed on what a ‘good’ quote consists o.f

In Part Two we discovered the 4 major components of a ‘bad ‘quote.

So now, in the final part in this series, here is a valuable check-list to ensure that you construct as good a quote as possible to represent you and your business.

Do your homework and research before quoting - don’t just rely on Wikipedia

Always double check your facts

Check any statistics you incorporate at least three times to make sure they are correct

If referring to another company make sure it’s the right company and that it is spelt correctly

Ensure your quote is one that you’d be happy for your colleagues, strategic partners and customers to read

Remember that you and your business are being reflected in each and every quote

Get a second opinion from a respected colleague if you’re unsure about the content of the quote

If you’re being controversial ask yourself if you’re doing it for the right reasons

Check the content of your quote, and then check it again just to be sure

So there you have it a whistle-stop tour of formulating the best quote possible.

I hope this has helped but if you need any further information on this subject or anything else about the Quotator offering then please just let us know –


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