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Election fever
  • Date: 08/11/16
  • Author: Scott
  • Category: Starting to use PR

All types of media outlets whether social, multi or traditional are awash with news from the most hotly anticipated US election race in living memory – depending upon how long you’ve been alive obviously.

With ballot boxes open, accusations being cast with wild abandon and conspiracy theories as convoluted as a Dan Brown ‘thriller’ it was up to a Motown legend to serve as the voice of reason at a time when not only the US but the rest of the world awaits the result with baited breath.

In an interview with, Stevie Wonder declared his intentions on Election Day by asserting that asking Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to serve as president makes about as much sense as asking Wonder himself to drive a car. Ah isn’t he wonderful?

So what will the outcome be? In an informal survey by PRWeek a raft of communications professionals overwhelmingly predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will make history and become the first woman elected president of the United States. But what do PR’s know anyway!

And this was not the only story to catch my eye on the PRWeek website. A story also emerged that the Russian government is set to spend big to try and improve its image in the international arena and it is seeking assistance from Western PR agencies.  A spokesman for the Russian government, who asked to remain anonymous, said the Russian government is looking to hire three or four leading Western PR agencies as early as the end of this year to help improve the image of the country in the West.

Which got me thinking; if Trump wins I wonder how just many PR firms the US government will need to engage.....?

Let us know your thoughts on this and how the outcome of this election might affect you and your business.


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