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Autumn Statement – get your voice heard
  • Date: 17/11/16
  • Author: Scott
  • Category: Starting to use PR

The Autumn Statement is just around the corner and, as always, is highly anticipated within financial circles. Speculation has long been rife surrounding its content but what’s clear is that this year - like many others – will see stamp duty, borrowing and housing measures come under intense scrutiny from those in and around the industry. And another sure thing is that it will generate hundreds of headlines and column inches throughout the UK and beyond.

Now this is not the time for us to go into too much depth about expectations regarding the new Chancellor's first opportunity to outline his priorities for taxation and spending, but this certainly is the place. And, at a time of year when the news can be a little slow, the Autumn Statement provides the perfect platform for you to join us and stick your head above the parapet to get your voice heard.


Getting your name and comments in print or online on some of the biggest issues of the day really can help make your brand stand out in any crowded marketplace. Having your name in the press can also prove to be an important conversation starter with an array of new clients or strategic partners to take your business forward. The Autumn statement is an event which only takes place once a year but there are many other chances to get on your soapbox throughout 2017 – and our media calendar can even help you plan ahead.

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